canada customs invoiceCanada Customs documentation must be completed accurately to ensure that your shipment will reach it’s destination on time and to reduce the risk of hold ups by Canada Customs.

A Canada Customs Invoice is required for shipments entering Canada that are valued over $2500.00 CAD.

The Canada Customs Invoice should accompany the freight from the point of pickup to the point of customs clearance. An additional copy should be attached to the Bill of Lading. If border clearance is indicated on the Bill of Lading, please write “PARS Clearance” on the Canada Customs Invoice.


Instructions For Completing a Canadian Customs Invoice ( CCI )
1. Have you indicated the full legal name, address and country of the seller?
2. Have you shown the date on which the goods began their continuous journey to Canada?
3. Do you know the purchaser’s order number, or the vendor’s commercial invoice number? (This information is not mandatory but may be helpful in referencing the shipment.)

4. Have you indicated the full name and address of the consignee? (This is the person or company in Canada to whom the goods are being shipped.)

5. Have you sold the good to a party that is different from the consignee? (If YES, provide the complete name and address of the person or company in Canada to whom the goods are being sold.) NOTE: This field refers to the “Importer of Record”. For a non-resident importer the shipper is normally both the purchaser and the vendor.
6. Have the goods been transhipped? The country through which the goods were shipped in transit to Canada, if applicable.
7. Are all the items the same? (If YES, indicate the Country of Origin. If NO, mark “Various” in field 7 and indicate the country of origin for each item along with its corresponding product description in field 12.)
8. Have you specified the complete shipment routing details? (Including carrier, mode of transport and place from which the goods began their continuous journey to Canada?) NOTE: If this is a PARS shipment, the carrier’s bar code label may be placed here.
9. Have you specified the terms of sale? (It is extremely important that you fully describe the terms and conditions agreed upon by the vendor and the purchaser. Be sure to indicate any applicable discounts for early payment, etc.)
10. Has the currency of settlement been shown? (Always remember to indicate the currency in which the vendor’s demand for payment is made.)
11. Have you indicated the type of packaging and number of packages?
12. Have you provided a detailed description of each item? (This information is most important. In addition to a proper identifying description in commercial terms, include such details as the function of the item, the material of which it’s made and the condition – whether new, used, etc.) Packages are to be legibly marked and numbered on the outside for identification of the contents and invoice descriptions. NOTE: If the invoice total in field 17 includes amounts for duty, GST, customs brokerage or freight, a break-down of these amounts should be indicated here (show the total in field 23). This often applies to non-resident importers where goods are sold to customers in Canada on a “landed” basis inclusive of all import costs.
13. Have you indicated the quantity of each item in field 12 in the appropriate unit of measure? (Number, weights, volume, etc.)
14. Did you show the unit price of each item using the currency of settlement? (If the goods were not sold, show the amount per article for which they would otherwise be sold.)
15. Have you indicated the total price of each item? (Indicate the total price for each item in the currency of settlement for the number of items recorded in the quantity field.)
16. Did you indicate both the total net and gross weight of the goods? (Net weight excludes packaging materials.)
17. Have you shown the total invoice price? (Indicate the total price paid or payable in the currency of settlement for the goods described on the invoice.)
18. Is there an attached commercial invoice? (If YES, check the box in field 18 and indicate the commercial invoice number.)
19. Is the exporter different from the vendor shown in field 1? (If YES, indicate the full legal name, address and country of the exporter.)
20. Have you indicated the name, address, and phone number of the person/company completing the invoice? (This should be a responsible individual in the vendor’s organization who has knowledge of the transaction.)
21. Have you shown the number and date of any Canada Customs and Revenue Agency ruling relating to the shipment?
22. Are fields 23 and 25 applicable to your situation? (If YES, leave unchecked and complete the applicable field 23-25. If NO, check the box in field 22.)